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The Story Behind "Miss Claremont"

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Anyone who knows me would tell you I am Claremont’s #1 fan. My friends often call me the "Claremont Ambassador" or "Miss Claremont". But don’t take those titles too seriously; it’s just meant to be a fun description of my absolute love and passion for the City of Trees and PhD's.

When I launched Miss Claremont in May 2020, Claremont restaurants could not offer their dining services to the full extent and other businesses closed to the public entirely. Covid-19 left parks, schools, and trails empty while small businesses were left scrambling due to lost income.

Seeing empty businesses and streets in Claremont where it was once bustling, left me truly brokenhearted. I did not want the businesses to be forgotten. “What can I do and how could I give back?” I asked myself. Insert Miss Claremont. I took the skills I had developed as a Digital Marketing Specialist for 6+ years (this is my day job), and started writing about Claremont, interviewing businesses, taking pictures, putting blogs together, and promoting them. I soon created a platform and voice that elevates small businesses in and around that make up the fabric of this charming community.

The purpose of this website and blog is to highlight and elevate small businesses in Claremont from a local's perspectve. I’ve spent the past 8 years exploring every nook and cranny of Claremont and would love nothing more than to share with you the best places to dine, drink, shop, relax, and socialize in this city as if you were a local yourself.

If the only thing this blog does is highlight hidden gems of Claremont, California for others to enjoy, then I will call it a win.

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You have given us a beautiful, insightful view of the city. Looking forward to a visit soon !!

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