"Miss Claremont" is my passion project and here's why.

Anyone who knows me would tell you I am Claremont’s #1 fan. My friends often call me the Claremont Ambassador or "Miss Claremont". But don’t take those titles too seriously; it’s just meant to be a fun description of my absolute love and passion for the City of Trees and PhD's.

Right now, as I write this, all Claremont restaurants are not open for dine-in and most businesses are closed entirely to the public. The Covid-19 crisis has left parks, schools, and trails empty and small businesses scrambling because of lost income. But it won’t be like this forever. That’s where I come in with this blog.

My purpose is to put the businesses of Claremont back into the minds and actions of the people when the time comes to settle into the “new normal”. I’ve spent the past 5 years exploring every nook and cranny of Claremont and would love nothing more than to share with you the best places to dine, drink, shop, relax, and socialize in this city as if you were a local yourself.

If the only thing this blog does is highlight hidden gems of Claremont, California for others to enjoy, then I will call it a win.

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