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Best Shops in Claremont to Decorate Any Space

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Recently, I had the honor of moving into an office in the Old School House building in Claremont. I found myself in need of decorating an empty office space that needed to feel comfortable, stylish, and had a dash of my personality to it.

I shopped at various boutiques, home business, and stores in Claremont that were perfect for decorating any space. It was a fun and inspiration adventure that resulted in my adorable office!

Here are the best places in Claremont for decorating any space.

Norens Space

Norens Space is a goldmine in Claremont for authentic vintage décor. Located in the Old School House Building at 415 W. Foothill Blvd Claremont Ste138 (adjacent to Elvira’s), Norens Space sells mid-century modern décor, accessories, furniture, art, houseplants and more.

Their décor is truly one of a kind and are conversation starters. What I love is their prices are very reasonable and their selection is carefully curated.

Niel Noren and Kim Noren are the owners of Norens Space in addition to the and also Norens Nursery in Claremont Village. Their customer service is top notch and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get Sylvia to help you find the right piece for your space!

Covey Gardens

Covey Gardens offers interior styling consultations and design services for any space small or large. They have a storefront located on the corner of Yale Ave and Foothill Blvd with incredibly stylish décor for any room.

I bought a gorgeous marble top side table with gold finishing, an indoor snake plant (with pot), and candles for a side nook of my office.

Kelly Covey is the owner and talent behind Covey Gardens and has an eye for vintage furnishing. She is committed to helping you bring any space to life as she states, “Interior Design is making the best possible use of the available space while making that space beautiful at the same time!”

The Ivy House Antiques

A true hidden gem in Claremont is the Ivy House Antique located in an actual house on 2933 N Mountain Ave and is open Tuesday - Sunday from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

There are several rooms and an outdoor space all filled with antique décor and furniture all handpicked and curated by Lisa, the owner of Ivy House Antiques.

You’ll definitely spend a fair amount of time in each room taking a look at all the beautiful antiques. Every time I have gone, I never left empty handed, there is something for everyone here!

Vintage Odyssey

This vintage and retro shop is right in between Norens Nursery and Pepo Melo on Bonita Ave in Claremont. Inside Vintage Odyssey you’ll find retro and antique odds and ends like cameras, end tables, sconces, photos, figurines, shelves, furniture, art and so much more!

Entrance of Vintage Odyssey

Artful Succulents

Diane Barnes is the owner of Artful Succulents, based in Claremont, who is incredibly talented at putting together beautiful and whimsical succulent arrangements. I bought a pumpkin succulent from her for my office and it made it very festive looking.

Check out her Instagram for various arrangements for sale and DM her if you’d like something custom to spruce up your space.

She also hosts various succulent workshops so follow her for upcoming events.

Pumpkin succulent arrangement by Artful Succulent

Claremont Gallery Market

Every Friday from 6-9 p.m. is the Claremont Gallery Market located in the historic Claremont Packing House.

Various art vendors set up a booth to sell their one of a kind artwork including paintings, candles, prints, accessories, books, accent pieces, and so much more. This is a great opportunity to buy artwork for your favorite room in the house or office.

Photo cred: @claremontpackinghouse Instagram

The Smell House

Adding a candle to any space is a must. The Smell House, located inside the historic Claremont Packing House, is a store that exclusively sells candles.

Their candle scents are unique and rotate around the seasons. Many are very fun smelling candles such as record shop, gem stones, cereal milk, birthday cake, and more.

When you purchase candles, The Smell House will provide a tote bag for free. Bring that tote bag back to receive $2 off your next candle purchase. Don’t forget to ask for a candle punch card!

The Grove Home

Specializing in indoor décor, office accessories, scents, house plants, and plant accessories, The Grove Home is located on the corner of Indian Hill Ave and Second St in the heart of Claremont Village. Their inventory is rotates around the seasons and they carry more whimsical and witty gifts for the edgy type.


Thank you for reading and your support of Miss Claremont. I sincerely hope you found these suggestions helpful. Shopping at these places helps to support local business and the wonderful business owners who keep the character and spirit of Claremont alive.

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Oooh yes love the Grove Home for gifts! I will have to check out Norens Space for the mid century modern finds 😍

Oct 02, 2022
Replying to

Tracy you would love Norens Space! They just opened next to Elvira’s and is so worth the trip from Monrovia. Nate would like the furniture as well 😁


Thank you for writing about decorating—one of my favorite topics! I would like to visit The Grove Home. It looks very inviting, especially since you mentioned they have whimsical and witty gifts—sign me up! The Smell House is a fan favorite. I can always find a candle scent I love or a gift I know will be a hit. I can’t wait to try Covey Gardens. It’s calling my name. Thanks again for all your great suggestions. You’re the best! 😎

Oct 02, 2022
Replying to

You would love Covey Gardens! We’ll go next time you’re in Claremont 😃

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