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Rock on to Live Music in Claremont and Surrounding Areas

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Let’s face it, the past 16 months have been... rough to say the least. I can honestly say what I’ve missed the most is experiencing live music. There’s something to be said about passion coming through someone’s voice or instrument while feeling the energy of a crowd. What can I say other than music is (or can be) a direct line to the heart.

The great news is live music is picking up as business continue to open up for indoor/outdoor dining.

Image source: Claremont Music Scene. (Left) Local band "dzuls'' performing in front of the Chamber of Commerce - Friday Nights Live. (Right) The Honeybuckets bring a unique Americana style and a ton of energy to their set in front of City Hall.

So, where can you hear live music in Claremont and the surrounding areas? That’s what this blog is for! Thanks to Brian Luft at Claremont Music Scene, together we compiled a list of places you can catch live tunes.

*Indicates a Miss Claremont favorite ;>


Friday Night Live - Claremont*

  • Public Plaza

  • Claremont Chamber

  • City Hall

  • Shelton Park

Claremont Packing House - Claremont (Fridays 6 - 9 p.m.)

Mount Baldy Lodge - Mount Baldy (Saturdays and Sundays)

Jazz at College Center - Claremont (Sundays)

Haven City Market - Rancho Cucamonga

Image source: Claremont Music Scene. Neon Nation performing at Memorial Park keeping the 80's vibes alive during a set at Monday Night Concerts.


Ironbark Ciderworks - Claremont (Music and comedy)*


The Quarter Creole Cuisine - Claremont (Tuesdays)*

Back Abbey - Claremont (Various dates)*

Walter’s - Claremont (Live Dj various weekends)*

Image source: The Quarter Creole Cuisine Instagram. Gumbo Child playing Old School R&B-Soul Jazz-New Orleans Party Music every Tuesday.

Night life (21+)

The Canyon - Montclair (80s every Friday!)*

That 80’s Bar - Montclair*

O'Donovan's Pub - Pomona (Various dates)*

Coming soon...

The Lounge at Hotel Casa 425*

Claremont Symphony Orchestra

Claremont Youth Symphony Orchestra

Folk Music Center

Lewis Family Playhouse

Stay Updated through Claremont Music Scene

The best way to stay in the loop on live music happening in the area is to follow Claremont Music Scene on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Visit the website to find the full music events calendar, guides for planning ahead, and helpful information to get you connected and involved.

Claremont Music Scene was created by Brian Luft, a 10 year Claremont resident, for the purpose of bringing together and elevating the music and arts community in Claremont and surrounding areas. Read more about it in my previous blog Bringing Community Together through Music: A Q&A with the Founder of Claremont Music Scene.

With the events calendar consistently updated, you get the latest on upcoming concerts, festivals, open mics, drum circles, and more.

Source: Claremont Music Scene

This blog post will be updated as more live music becomes available. Feel free to drop a line in the comments section of other places in the area offering live music.

Rock on my friends! 🤘

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Jul 23, 2021

Great ideas for some fun in the area!

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