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Master the Art of Unique Gift Giving Part II

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

If you read the first part one of this unique gift-giving series, you’ll know that there’s something to be said about going out of your way to buy a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone. Do you remember a time someone made gave you a thoughtful and memorable gift that put the biggest smile on your face? If not, be that person for someone else and resist the urge to buy that Chili’s gift card while at the Target checkout. Don’t be basic, instead, be the best “gift giver” by picking out a whimsical, unique, and thoughtful gift at these stores/boutiques in Claremont.

A Shop Called Quest: For the Kids at Home or Kids at Heart

First of all, this store is named after the iconic and artistic 90’s rap group called A Tribe Called Quest which is pretty epic if you ask me. A Shop Called Quest is definitely a gem in the Claremont Village carrying tons of comic books, graphic novels, action figures (including a zillion POP! figures), games, pins, and so much more! My niece really likes Bob's Burgers so A Shop Called Quest really came through with a fun gift for her. It’s hard to resist the urge to buy something for myself everytime I come here like The Legend of Zelda books because they have such a great selection. This neat little shop is for you if there’s a special person in your life who loves games, comics, super heroes, fantasy, cartoons, or action figures.

The Hens’ Kitchen Shoppe: Because Food is Love

The Hens’ Kitchen Shoppe is a boutique dedicated to all things cooking and home decor where you’ll find cutesy rolling pins, aprins, baking items and table linens perfect for a housewarming or wedding gift. If you’re passing by on Yale Avenue take a peek and you’ll see they also have candles, wall decor, soaps, and other one-of-a-kind housekeeping items. Towards the back of the shop is a section where they sell vintage kitchen items. I went looking for a picnic basket and ended up getting a green one that’s totally retro with a pie holder inside! Giving a gift from The Hens’ Kitchen Shoppe will really show that you’re a thoughtful gift-giver to the cooking, baking, and/or food-lover in your life.

DeeLux: Buy, Sell, and Trade

DeeLux is full of fun and hip gifts and the perfect place to get a unique, clever gift under $20. It’s situated between Union on Yale and The Folk Music Store on Yale Avenue selling new and used clothes and an impressive selection of gift items, trinkets, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, cards, and more that are all very fun and edgy. The great thing is that since they’re a buy, sell, and trade store, you can bring in your own gently used clothes and sell them at DeeLux! They offer either cash or store credit for the clothes you sell. What a perfect way to make a few extra bucks while recycling your unwanted clothes. Winning! I have purchased many gifts myself here like funny magnets, a David Bowie coffee cup, a cute cat wallet, vintage jewelry, funny birthday cards, and succulent candles.

Vintage Odyssey: Because Who Doesn’t Love Vintage?

Conveniently attached to Norens Nursery is Vintage Odyssey - a vintage store selling incredibly unique things that scream “RETRO”! You know you’re at Vintage Odyssey when you see a large blue cow that serves as a plant holder! The cow is made of plastic, of course, but does serve as a great photo op! Immediately as you enter, you’ll notice vintage clothing, carefully chosen antiques, gorgeous jewelry and delightful incense. My favorite part is the shelf that sells handmade lights and lamps. I bought 3 letters with lights throughout to spell “HEY” and it’s still a show stopper in my house to this day. The items inside Vintage Odyssey are truly one-of-a-kind and make for memorable gifts.

Aromatique: Because Self Care is Important for Everyone

Aromatique is a great place for massages, facials, chemical peels, eyelash extensions, and skin care products. Their services make incredible gifts and their cute boutique offers fashionable jewelry, fancy soaps, wine glasses, hats, knick-knacks, makeup, and so much more! Their eyelash extension service by Karen is top quality and would be a great gift for that special someone who wouldn’t mind getting a lash boost. I know when I get my occasional eyelash extensions I feel like a million bucks! What I like about their boutique is they are constantly changing their decor and merchandise to match the season or holiday around the corner. I’ve even seen some personalized Claremont gifts that I still regret passing up to this day *sheds tear*! If you’re taking a stroll down First Street I recommend taking a gander in Aromatique, maybe even some window shopping, because you just might spot that perfect gift that will put a big smile on that special someone’s face.

What other places in Claremont do you know that sell great gifts? I’d love to create a part III of this series but would like to also include your input! So, let me know in the comments where you like to shop in Claremont for gifts and we’ll continue this topic series together. Until then, catch you on the flip side!

Photography Credits: All photos were taken by the author of this blog.

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