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Vegan Dining Options in Claremont

This topic has been a long time coming! Vegan menu options continue to be in high demand making it a must-have on your menu. Many folks are vegan now more than ever for various lifestyle reasons especially in the name of animal rights.

So, what are the best vegan restaurants in Claremont? I have teamed up with Claremont resident expert, Amber Adams (and very talented local musician), to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best vegan food in Claremont.

Rev’d Up Coffee and Classic

Rev’d Up Coffee & Classics is personally my favorite coffee shop in Claremont. It’s located on Foothill Blvd and most days you’ll find classic cars parked out front as that’s the theme of the shop. They rotate their menu around the seasons and always provide vegan options. At the moment, here is their winter vegan menu.

Hippie Toast

100% Vegan. Whole Wheat toast with cookie butter, a whole banana, chia seeds, drizzled with agave (Delicious)

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

100% plant based. Vegan egg, vegan cheddar, avocado, hash brown, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. (Amber’s Favorite)

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

100% plant based. Comes with vegan egg, vegan cream cheese, vegan cheddar, and avocado.

“Our vegan breakfast sandwiches and burritos are made fresh to order. We use JUST Egg and Follow Your Heart Cheese and our bagels are locally made.” 𑁋Steven Solis, Owner of Rev’d Up Coffee and Classics

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich. Photo by @lifewitherns

Vegan Nachos and Tacos at The Spot Cafe

The Spot Cafe is located on Foothill Blvd in the Trader Joe's shopping center and has, by far, the most vegan options. They have an online ordering system and rewards program and seating options are mostly outdoor. Here are some real crowd pleaser vegan options:

The Whole Bowl

Brown rice, black beans, jalapeño cabbage, salsa, guacamole, and onion.

Vegan Tacos

Corn tortillas filled with sautéed kale, mushrooms, onions and poblano chilies. Includes brown rice and black beans. Vegan.

Vegan Mac & Cheese

Zucchini Noodles Bed with Vegan Cheddar Cheese

Vegan Zoodles

Zucchini Noodles topped with Sautéed Mushrooms and Marinara Sauce

Vegan Nachos

Vegan Tortilla Chips, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Spicy Tofu, Black Beans, Pepperoncinis (Banana Peppers), Black Olives, Guacamole, and Pico De Gallo

Vegan Avocado Sandwich

Avocado, cucumber, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, pepperoncini, olives and pico de gallo on whole wheat bread.

Spicy Vegan Egg Burrito

Spicy tofu, hash browns, mushrooms, peppers, black beans and sautéed spinach on a spicy tomato tortilla.

Vegan Egg and Cheese Burrito

Vegan eggs (tofu), vegan cheddar cheese, onions, sautéed kale and roasted sweet potatoes with avocado on a spinach tortilla.

House of Pong

House of Pong is an asian fusion restaurant conveniently located in the heart of Claremont Village on Yale Avenue and Bonita Ave. They have a variety of vegan options and the chef will accommodate most menu items. Their customer service is stellar and they offer indoor and outdoor seating. Here are some of their popular vegan options.

Vegetable Egg Rolls

Crispy Tofu Salad with Spring Mix

Grilled Tofu Rice Bowl

grilled tofu, served with assorted veggie and sweet soy sauce

(You can add fried rice w/ out egg for vegan option)

Photo cred: House of Pong Instagram @houseofpong

The Quarter Creole Cuisine

Located on the corner of 2nd St and Indian Hill Blvd, The Quarter is an authentic New Orleans restaurant serving family recipes that date back to 5 generations. Not only is the food authentic Creole cuisine, the ambiance and decor takes you straight to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Their vegan options include:

Brussels Sprouts

With Red Bell Pepper Pure (Vegan)

Truffle Heirloom Tomato Salad

Baby Spinach & Kale, Quinoa, Fried Capers, Red

Pepper Sauce, Truffle Oil, Parsley Oil, Fig, Aged

Balsamic (Vegan)

Vegan Quinoa Mardi Gras

Braised Cauliflower, Onions, Peppers, Heirloom

Carrots & Tomatoes, Crisp Kale

Vegan Quinoa Mardi Gras

Braised Cauliflower, Onions, Peppers, Heirloom

Carrots & Tomatoes, Crisp Kale

Dr. Grubbs

Dr Grubbs is an exceptional place for vegan and vegetarian options. They’re located on Bonita Ave in the heart of Claremont Village. Their food is made fresh to order, reasonably priced, high quality ingredients, and superb customer service. Their vegan options include:

Blackened Tofu

Extra firm tofu marinated & blackened, then pan-seared to golden perfection.


Extra firm tofu marinated in white wine, garlic, fresh herbs & spices then pan seared to golden perfection.

Caribbean Salad

Fresh mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and wonton strips. Your choice of protein and served with our Caribbean vinaigrette dressing on the side.

Vegetable Medley

Zucchini, carrots, green beans, baby corn, and broccoli.

Warm Couscous

Steamed Moroccan couscous tossed with grated carrots & fresh herbs.

Baby Potatoes

Roasted baby potatoes seasoned with fresh herbs & spices,

and pan-seared with the Doc’s special Rx.

Photo cred: Dr Grubbs Instagram @drgrubbsfresh

Union On Yale

When someone asks me, “What’s one of your favorite places to eat in Claremont?” my answer is always Union on Yale. They have it all; crafted drinks, excellent customer service, beautiful outdoor patio, fresh ingredients, and vegan options. Located on Yale Ave, Union on Yale can easily be your go-to spot for vegan and/or vegetarian options:

Yellow Curry

Smoked “tandoori” tofu, chana & vegetable coconut curry, wild rice, cilantro

The Seasonal

Weiser family farms heirloom melons, tamarind Chile dressing herbs, corn nuts

Cauliflower Ceviche

Roasted cauliflower, Persian cucumbers, aji amarillo chilies Avocado, cilantro, lime, chips

Garden Omelet (Brunch only)

Eggless Omelet with crispy potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, peppers onions, heirloom tomato ketchup

Avo Toast (Brunch only)

Crème bakery sourdough, avocado smash, confit heirloom tomatoes, pickled onions

Forked & Fried Taters

Weiser family farms yellow potatoes, sea salt, herbs

Photo cred: Union on Yale Instagram @uniononyale

Saca's Mediterranean Cuisine

Saca’s is a family owned Mediterranean restaurant located on 2nd Street in Claremont Village. They’re committed to delivering fresh and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. They have an extensive vegan menu and we’ve highlighted a few:

Falafel Sandwich

with Falafels, Hummus, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Saca’s Pickled Turnips, Saca’s Signature Sesame Sauce.

Maza Platter

Two full size Falafels and two vegan Dolmas on a bed of iceberg lettuce with Hummus, Mediterranean Salad, Pickled Turnips and Saca’s Signature Sesame Sauce. Pita on the side.

Falafel Bowl

Four full size Falafels on a bed of French Fries, House Salad or Rice Pilaf topped with Saca’s Greek Pico and doused with Saca’s Signature Sesame Sauce.

Lentil Soup

Hand sorted small greens lentils cooked with carrots, onions and spices served with a lemony topping.

Baba Ghanouj

Homemade dip made with Roasted Fresh Eggplants, Tahini and spices


Four Vegetarian Stuffed Grapevine Leaves with Saca’s Signature Sesame Sauce

Falafel Platter at Saca’s

Vegan Tamales

Located on Foothill Blvd, the Tamale Guy is certainly a hidden Claremont gem. Not only do they sell a plethora of tamales, they offer vegan options as well. Walk in or order online for these vegan options: Red Beans & Jalapenos Tamales or Potatoes & Veggies Tamales

Walter’s Restaurant

Walter’s is an institution in Claremont having been established for over 6 decades! Their menu is inspired by Afghanistan cuisine with many other modern American food options. Located on Yale Ave and Bonita Ave, Walter’s has an entire Vegetarian menu that can easily be altered to a vegan dish. Some of there popular vegan dishes include:

Plum Sauce Egg Rolls

Mixed vegetables in a deep fried wonton served with a delicious oriental plum sauce

Veggie Chili

Beans, peppers, corn, rice, tomatoes and spices.

Lentil Salad

Lentil and lima beans with diced vegetables, fresh dill, and lime vinaigrette

Hummus Bi Tahini

Served with basil, tomato, olive, oil, and avocado


It’s refreshing to see so much vegan food in Claremont. Leave a comment of other places nearby serving delicious vegan food and I will update this blog to make a running list.

Thanks for your support in following my blog.

Vaya con dios, amigos!

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Jan 29, 2023

Excellent recommendations 🖤


I love all the vegan options you recommended! Looking forward to trying those vegan tacos at The Spot Cafe and the vegan tamales at the Tamale Guy 🌮😊

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