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Uncover Unique Treasures at These Antique Shops in Claremont

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

“Antiquing” is hands down my top five favorite pastimes. Who doesn’t love the idea of finding an antique treasure with its own story and journey? You can bet that if I’m driving and see a sign that says, “estate sale” or “antique row”, I’m going to skirt those tires and hang a right to get in on that antique action! Now, I’ve spent many weekends exploring the antique shops in Ontario, Pomona, Upland but when it comes to antiques in Claremont, they’re tucked away. Don’t worry - I got you! Here’s the scoop on the best places in Claremont to uncover antique treasures.

Linda Lloyd Antiques. One word to describe Linda’s taste in antiques: Impeccable. First, the entrance of Linda Lloyd Antiques is charming and inviting. The entrance welcomes you with manicured topiaries, planter boxes with beautiful hydrangeas, and pepper trees that look exquisite against the brick building. Walk inside and you’ll find stunning antique vases, statues, platters, paintings, figurines, and books that are one-of-a-kind and you can bet they all tell a story. She has a great selection of antique furniture like bureaus, wardrobes, sitting chairs, and tables that are very intricate. I bought an old Singer sewing machine that had a granite tabletop on it and I still get compliments when my house guests see it. Do not pass up the opportunity to scope out her neat little shop next time you’re walking or driving on Bonita Avenue in the Claremont Village. Follow their Instagram for updates.

Ivy House Antiques. This antique shop is a completely hidden gem in Claremont on Mountain Avenue. It’s actually located inside a quintessential Claremont home where Lisa, the owner who is an absolute doll, will come out and greet you! The two rooms inside Ivy House Antiques have incredibly unique paintings, end tables, baskets, chairs, knickknacks, lamps, and flatware. It’s the sort of place where you have to go into each room at least 3 times because there's so much beauty to take in! She also has antiques displayed in the side yard for your sunroom, patio, courtyard, or garden. If you’re taking a gander outside, you’ll notice how lush the garden is with crops like pumpkins, corn, and grapes and it makes you forget for a second that you’re at an antique shop. During my last visit I was struck by a set of Spanish swords that you use as drinks picks to put your garnishes on. I also made out with a few very old french wine crates. Lisa told me the rich stories behind the items I had chosen making it a very personalized experience. Follow their Instagram for updates.

Cat in the Window. This cutesy and very hidden antique store is one of my local faves! It’s tucked away inside the Harvard Square brick building. Enter through the doors to the right of Bardot or from the not so secret entrance door in the back behind Linda Lloyd Antiques. Walking inside you’ll notice businesses tucked away where Cat in the Window is one of them. It’s a very small and cozy antique shop owned and run by the sweetest lady. Sometimes I just like to go inside to say hi to her and ask how her day’s going because she’s just so pleasant. You’ll find many antique knick knacks, figurines, and tons of jewelry- perfect for a Mother’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift. My mom absolutely loves cats so when I bought the most darling kitty knick knacks they were a slam dunk. You’re also able to see through the window what sort of antique odds and ends are inside, so don’t be shy to do some window shopping.

Economy Shop. The Economy Shop is 100% owned and operated by volunteers. Located on First Street in the heart of Claremont Village, the Economy Shop has been serving the community for 87 years! WOWZERS – that’s incredible if you ask me. This rare gem is more of a thrift store, however, I have lucked out several times with amazing antique finds! I’ve made out with a beautiful grandmother clock, art deco-ish statue, delicate cocktail glasses with engraved patterns, and handcrafted coasters carved out of cedar. The prices are so incredibly affordable, and you can really come across some rare finds since the Economy Shop frequently takes incoming donations. Not only are their volunteers just a handful of sunshine but their proceeds go to charities in the Claremont area. Stopping into the Economy Shop when you’re taking a stroll in the village is a must!

Vintage Odyssey. This vintage and retro shop is right in between Norens Nursery and Pepo Melo on Bonita Ave. Before entering, you’ll have to admire the outdoor space because above the entrance door are interesting faces hand carved from what looks like a base of a palm tree leaf. There is a humongous blue and white decorative plastic cow that wears a straw hat but also doubles as a planter. Inside Vintage Odyssey you’ll find retro odds and ends and some antique items like cameras, end tables, sconces, photos, figurines, shelves and so much more! The best find I came across was a mugshot of David Bowie in a nice picture frame (very retro!).

Of course, there are other honorable mentions like Barbara Cheatley Antiques and the back room inside the The Hens’ Kitchen Shoppe. If you have uncovered antique gems at your local antique shop (especially in Claremont!), tell us what they are and the story behind it.

Thanks for reading as usual. Until then, onward and upward!

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I was really surprised to see how many antique shops there are in Claremont. Each one is so unique and inviting. I can hardly wait until I can visit one of these shops, especially the Economy Shop that is run by volunteers. That is such a great idea! My curiosity is truly peaked, and I'm so looking forward to taking a stroll to one of these beautiful shops.

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