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Live Your Best Brunch Life in the Claremont Village

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Weekend brunch is awesome. Period. Brunch really has taken on a life form of its own. Restaurants curate special brunch menus- sometimes offering menu items only one day, usually on Sunday, for a short window of time. People dress up in “brunch wear” and drink bottomless mimosas like it’s going out of style. But the best part is sitting outside, eating and drinking in good company, and enjoying the lovely afternoon sun and breeze. The experience is infectious and I want every part of it! The brunch life is strong in Claremont Village and fortunately there are many places to enjoy brunch outside while taking in the sun and cool breezes. So, saddle up, put on your “Rosé all Day” top, and place your eggs benny order at these brunch restaurants in the Claremont Village.

Bardot. Bardot is easily the best place overall to go for Saturday or Sunday brunch in the Claremont Village. You’ll see that by the large number of people waiting to be seated. It’s certainly worth the wait, although you can make reservations ahead of time which I recommend.

You’ll want to sit outside because the view is spectacular! It’s catty-corner from Shelton Park, and fire pits surround the perimeter. People are walking by with their cute dogs, and the trees surrounding the area bloom pink flowers. That’s already a level up in your brunch game!

Bardot has an entire brunch cocktail menu and offers bottomless mimosas (surprised?) and 6 variations of a bloody mary! If you’re like me and aren’t big on day drinking, they have deliciously rich coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos. Have I mentioned their egg dishes yet? Well let me tell you that their Eggs Florentine, Eggs Oscar, and Eggs Benedict are dynamite and definitely “Rosemary Approved”. Other home-runs are smoked salmon omelet, kitchen sink burrito, and berries and crème brule waffle.

Le Pain Quotidien. If you want to have the freshest brunch in the village, go to Le Pain Quotidien. This place has a wonderfully European, rustic charm to it and it's no wonder because the Le Pain Quotidien franchise began in Brussels before expanding to the US.

The outside is gorgeous. It’s located in the courtyard of the Laemmle movie theater and the outdoor seating area is the best part. You’re surrounded by bright pink flowered vines and potted plants and immediately transported to a European bistro sipping lattes as you people watch (or so I think that’s how it would be).

Their brunch menu is incredibly fresh and so is their bread since they’re a bakery. The name Le Pain Quotidien translates to “the daily bread”. The quiche lorraine, mushroom frittata, ham and gruyere croissant, goat cheese omelet, and avocado toasts are just heavenly. Their coffee and tea make you feel warm and fuzzy like you’re right at home. You definitely don’t want to leave without having tried their baked bread, so I recommend ordering the Petit Déjeuner which is an array of bread with butter and jams.

Ham and gruyere on a toasted butter croissant with an over easy egg on top.

Union on Yale. Union on Yale is open for brunch on Sundays only and has an outdoor seating area that keeps you coming back. The outdoor patio is completely visible from the sidewalk and you can’t help but pass by and look at how happy the patrons look!

The outdoor area is filled with stringed lights from tree to tree, potted succulents throughout, and lots of shade for comfort. It’s delightful and will keep you coming back.

Their brunch menu is Phenomenal with a capital P! They serve unique brunch dishes like wood-fired breakfast pizza (with 4 scrambled eggs!), gourmet style biscuits and gravy, duck confit hash, and avocado toast. Be sure to get your caffeine buzz on with their drip coffee or order a Champaign if you’re feeling fancy- I mean festive 😉.

New Year's Day brunch at Union on Yale, 2022

The Back Abbey. The Back Abbey started serving brunch within the last year and boy am I glad about it because it is YUMMY!

Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 2pm with a dedicated brunch menu including brunch cocktails.

I scoped out their brunch and had the BLTA (bacon, arugula, tomato, avocado, and garlic aioli on seven-grain bread) and Avocado Toast. Other brunch menu items include Fried Chicken and Belgian Waffle, Steak and Eggs, Breakfast Burger, and Breakfast Sandwich.

If brunch cocktails aren't your thing try their French pressed coffee from The Reverse Orangutan.

BLTA with potatoes and Avocado Toast

Gus’s BBQ. Gus’s BBQ is certainly the new hot commodity in the Claremont Packing House. Every time I pass by its bustling, no matter the time of day. They have an incredible breakfast/brunch menu only served on weekends.

They specialize in comfort food, so expect to see menu items like “southern style” eggs benedict, fried chicken and waffles, and bacon cheddar grits to name a few. I highly suggest sitting outside where you’ll get a direct view of the gorgeous San Gabriel Mountains.

Their cocktail called bourbon & peaches will be perfect to accompany the scenic view. The ambiance inside has a rustic southern charm with indoor and outdoor bar seating options. I recommend going to Gus’s BBQ if you want an all American, hearty meal with a southern twist.

Outdoor seating area at Gus's

There you have it – 5 places in the Claremont Village to have a helluva brunch time with the guys, gals, partner, pupper, fam, or yourself. There are many other places in Claremont to have a killer brunch so let me and other readers know in the comments what places you like to go in the City of Trees.

After brunch check out these serene and scenic places in Claremont.

Cheerio for now.

Photography Credits: All photos were taken by the author of this blog.

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