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Claremont Music Guide: Fall 2022 Issue

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to the fall 2022 issue of the exclusive Claremont Music Guide; a quarterly collaboration between Claremont Music Scene and Miss Claremont.

We come together and document music updates and events happening around the Claremont area so you can experience the healing wonders of live music.

I am excited about this particular issue where we introduce you to some exciting music events coming to you this fall.

OJP Music Lounge Series

I’m elated to share that Ophelia’s Jump Productions (OJP), a non-profit local theater company based in Claremont, has expanded their music presence by opening the exclusive OJP Music Lounge. I’ve been several times and it is the ideal place to take a beat, grab a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the musical journey.

Located at 2009 Porterfield Way, Ste H in Upland, the OJP Music Lounge is very inviting, exclusive and intimate. It’s set with ambient lighting with dressed cocktail tables and charming decor.

The lounge typically opens 1 hour before a performance and they serve wine, cocktails, beer, charcuterie boxes, and snacks.

Many of the music events are “pay what you can” . The point is to stop by, make new friends, create new memories, and listen to great music!

Here’s the music schedule for the remainder of 2023 (it can change to include newly booked bands)

  • The Beatles Unplugged - Saturday, November 12 at 8 p.m.

  • The Jazz Fellowship - Friday, December 10 at 8 p.m.

  • Baz Francis - Friday, December 30

If your would like to play at the OJP Music Lounge (which is a paid gig btw) email Beatrice Casagran at

Musicians Database for Venues Looking to Book Live Music

We know how much grief has come out of living in the age of Covid-19. What is even more disheartening is how hard of a hit the music scene has taken.

Claremont Music Scene has made it part of their mission to connect people together through music. One of those ways is by connecting venues to musicians and vice versa.

Musicians can fill out their musician's profile directly through the Claremont Music Scene’s website. This information is stored and shared to local venues looking to book local musicians!

Musicians can fill out this form to start their profile.

Businesses and venues can email for the list of musicians.

Claremont Music Scene Village Venture Booth Experience

Last year I volunteered at the Claremont Music Scene booth at the Village Venture. This year, I volunteered again, the only difference is now I am the Director of Claremont Music Scene! What an honor it has been to help the founder of Claremont Music Scene, Brian Luft, follow both our passions in bringing people together through music.

Many stopped by our booth to ask about Claremont Music Scene, a volunteer service club with the mission of bringing people together through music. We had a directors chair to engage people in conversation and tell us about their favorite music memory. We heard many great stories and even bonded over a few.

We are recognizing that the conversations we have at the Village Venture spark some of the ideas we build on going forward. It creates a nice feedback loop that helps inform where we should direct our efforts within the community.

Local Music Spotlight: Sunday Jazz in Claremont

Written by Brian Luft, Founder of Claremont Music Scene

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bill Huff, the organizer of the Sunday Jazz series that takes place at College Center (every Sunday from 2-5 p.m.). Bill started this weekly event more than 20 years ago in 2000 and it has been going continuously ever since, with rare exceptions due to weather or holidays. Performances are done by a handful of local jazz groups, with some members comprising multiple bands.

Bill’s band is Polyhedra and they typically play there on the third Sunday of every month. It was heartwarming to hear that he pays all the musicians, and clearly it pays off because anytime you show up, you’ll be pleased with the quality of the music.

There’s no set way to enjoy the show. Some people grab a table near the band, some sit off under the trees in the parking lot, or with their window open in their car. The audience faces the afternoon SoCal sun, and with a gentle breeze that seems to sway with the sounds you’ve got yourself a nice afternoon. If you’re feeling generous, grab a bite from Pong's Ramen and Burger or Lucky's Coffee Roasters nearby. This may disqualify me from future political office, but my family once even skipped the SuperBowl to enjoy the empty streets and some sweet Sunday jazz.

Bill seemed like a humble gentleman and I admire the work he’s done for 22 years bringing music to our town. I encourage you to stop by on a Sunday afternoon, they play from 2-5 p.m. and you’ll find something to enjoy.

Claremont Businesses Regularly Hosting Live Music

  • The Back Abbey - Claremont

  • The Back Abbey - Upland

  • The Quarter Creole - Gumbo Child every Tuesday

  • Union on Yale - Wednesday & Sunday

  • We Olive Wine Bar

  • Sunday Jazz from 2-5 p.m. at Blue Fin Sushi

  • Casa Maguey

  • Piano Piano Dueling Piano bar

Refer to the Live Music Events Calendar managed/maintained by Claremont Music Scene to learn about live music events happening around town.

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