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Delia Haro Floral: Expressing Love and Passion Through Flowers

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

When I got word that Delia Haro Floral, a flower shop inside Harvard Square, was opening in July, I was elated! A unique flower shop that provides personalized arrangements is the perfect touch to the already lush and charming Claremont. I was compelled to connect with the owner, Delia Haro, to learn more about her services but also her story that led her to Claremont Village. Little did I know, I would uncover her incredible journey in floristry and the unique way she connects with others through flowers.

I walked into Delia Haro Floral and my eyes had to take it all in. Colorful flowers galore! Orchids, sunflowers, daisy’s, Lily’s, and red, blue, yellow, and rainbow roses. Yes, rainbow roses! Rustic crates are neatly stacked to display flower arrangements and there is comfortable seating just as if you were in your own living room. A hanging chandelier accents a black backdrop and directly above there’s a black and white striped awning to add that extra bit of character.

I was warmly greeted by Delia and her daughters, who were behind the counter, and they were smiling from ear to ear. Happiness, optimism, and hope were feelings that were permeating through the air and for good reason. Delia had journeyed long and hard to be a proud business owner today. She was gracious enough to sit with me and share her journey.

The Journey of a Delicate Flower

Delia’s passion for flowers started as early as high school when she took floristry her junior and sophomore year. However, her interest and hidden passion for floristry laid dormant until her late 20’s when she was given a new lease on life after ending a toxic marriage. “When I got out of that marriage, I didn’t know who I was. I was a single parent, taking care of 4 kids and my own two parents. I had no choice but to start working and naturally I turned to floristry.”

Delia took on a mentor who would later connect her with her first job making flower arrangements for a local grocery store. Soon after she would find other job opportunities in floristry learning important lessons from each one. “Making arrangements provided a way to support my kids and parents while doing something that I love. I started to feel alive again!” She’d find herself doing flower events on the side like graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, showers, quinceaneras, you name it! After 5 years into her career, she was offered a position to arrange flowers for a funeral home where she stayed for 12 years.

“During those years I connected with so many families going through hardship and the way I showed my love and support was by creating beautiful arrangements in honor of their lost loved ones,” Delia reflected. However, during those 12 years she would learn everything she needed on her own as other florists were conscious to not lend help. “I learned to be strong and grateful for the skills I was gaining but it was difficult believing in my own ability when I wasn’t receiving the recognition and support I needed from my colleagues”.

All the while, Delia received the highest of praise from her customers, family, and friends in that she was talented and gifted at her craft. But with the stresses of caring for her children, parents, and not getting the recognition she deserved at work, it was challenging to see the potential within herself. Her friends and family decided it was time to band together to support and encourage the next phase in her life that would put her needs and talents in the spotlight to open her own flower shop.

Turning a New Leaf

Delia was able to connect herself to the city of Claremont and had always said if she would ever open her own business it would be in Claremont, California. “I began getting to know people in the Claremont community because I was doing collaborative events and pop-ups.” Soon she would find herself connected to Claremont business owners of I Like Pie Bake Shop, Magnolia Wine Bar, Casa Moreno, and Ronnie M Layering Bar.

A major turning point, however, was when she received life changing advice from a life coach in Claremont who told her “You’re worth more, Delia. You need to leave the flower shop you’re at and start your own business. You can do it!” Those words resonated so much that when a space became available in Harvard Square, Delia jumped on it.

“When I saw the space, it was perfect. I was beginning to envision how my shop would look and I became hopeful and excited!” She discussed the potential space with her daughters and son, and they insisted it was time for their mother to carry out her dream and destiny of being a flower shop owner and to go for it. So, she did!

Delia went to Claremont City Hall and did all the necessary steps to secure the space in Harvard Square and became the proud owner of Delia Haro Floral in June, 2020. “When I announced I was officially a business owner in Claremont, I received so much support from everyone because they all believed in me. I just needed to believe in myself,” Delia confided, and I was very touched to hear such beautiful words of determination and courage.

A Blossoming Business

Delia Haro Floral had its soft opening July 8, 2020 in Harvard Square and will have its official grand opening on July 18, 2020 (woo-hoo!). “So many people showed up my soft opening to show their support- even people that follow me on social media who I’ve never met,” Delia said enthusiastically.

What makes Delia Haro Floral a cut above the rest is the personalized experience she provides. “You can come in, pick your own flowers, bring your own vase, and take a seat while I personally arrange flowers for you.” She is a true artist with the ability to create flower arrangements with love and grace while always having a wonderful smile on her face. “I express my love and gratitude through flowers.”

Delia offers a wide range of services. “There are flowers for any occasion in someone’s life. I do weddings, holidays, funerals, anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, birthdays, grand openings, and galas. I can even do an arrangement if you’re in the doghouse,” she said as we both shared a good laugh. Literally anything with flowers, Delia can do.

Below is all the information you need to visit or connect with Delia Haro Floral. The grand opening is Saturday, July 18, 2020 so stop by and show your support for this new addition to the Claremont Village.

(909) 728-0702 |

Photo Credit: Delia Haro Floral's Facebook page

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I really enjoyed your post on Delia Haro Floral and her journey to becoming a business owner in Claremont, California. Her story gave me much hope and inspiration. It makes me want to attend her grand opening on July 18th. I hope she gets a great response from everyone wishing her success and happiness.

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