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Calling all Carolers: Holiday Caroling in Claremont Village

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Looking for ways to spread holiday cheer or participate in a community event this holiday season? Claremont Music Scene is asking local folks to join the Holiday Caroling Program to carol throughout Claremont Village to spread holiday cheer through the gift of music and good spirits.

Brian Luft, Founder of Claremont Music Scene, is spearheading this initiative and is looking for locals to participate in these ways:

  • Sing to your heart's content AKA carolers

  • Select music and make copies

  • Recruit others to join

  • Plan and host rehearsals

  • Help in others way not mentioned above

Get started by filling out this form and it will be sent directly to Brian.

This program is recommended for local residents to accommodate for in-person rehearsals.

The deadline to submit a form is December 1, 2021 so please share this with others!

About Claremont Music Scene

Claremont Music Scene is a social club with a platform that connects the music community together while providing regular updates on music events in and around Claremont.

Brian Luft hosts regular "Meet and Greets" managed through, where musicians and lovers of music come together to get to know one another and talk about the music scene in general.

Stay up-to-date with “the scene” by visiting their website, checking in on the events calendar, and following their Instagram.

You can learn more about Claremont Music Scene and its history in this interview with Brian Luft: Bringing Community Together through Music: A Q&A with the Founder of “Claremont Music Scene”

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Love that you're Calling all Carolers! Hope you get a large participation. Holiday Caroling in Claremont Village will be a very merry event! 🌲❤️👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

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