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Mt. Baldy Moonlight Hike: Breathtaking Views Under the Stars

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The Moonlight Hike in Mt. Baldy has always been on my list of things to do around Claremont and I finally checked that box on August 6. It’s an opportunity to watch the iconic California sunset from the mountains, then star gaze while you’re surrounded by pine tree silhouettes.

Hikers typically start from San Antonio Falls Road and end at the Top of the Notch Restaurant between 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The hike is approximately 3.6 miles with a 1,800 elevation gain and takes about 1to1.5 hours.

You can forego the hike altogether and take the Sugar Pine Chair Lift directly to the Top of the Notch Restaurant. Many hike up and take the lift back down.

It is an ideal event to spend quality time with friends and family and bask in the fresh mountain air, jam out to live music, and pair a BBQ plate with craft beer under the moonlight.

Outside the Top of the Notch Restaurant after sunset, August 2022

Interested in Going? Let’s Get Started

Choose a Date

The Moonlight Hikes happen on select dates throughout the year. Here’s the Moonlight Hike schedule for the remainder of 2022.


Friday, September 2

Saturday, September 3


Friday, October 7

Saturday, October 8


Friday, November 4

Saturday, November 5

Purchase Your Ticket(s) Online

Purchase your tickets ahead of time on the Mt. Baldy Resort website and save up to 25%! There are three ticket options.

Option 1: Dinner only for $30 (Lift access not included)

Option 2: Dinner and a one way lift ticket for $45

Option 3: Dinner and a round trip ticket for $60

Know Your Starting Point

Stop into the ticket office (near the lifts) to redeem your ticket. This will ensure you have your dinner ticket and lift ticket (if you’ve purchased any).

Hikers. If you’re hiking to the Top of the Notch Restaurant, start at the Mt. Baldy Trailhead. I’ve done this hike several times and it's very scenic and not strenuous. The best part is passing by the waterfall at the San Antonio Falls viewpoint. Hikers typically end up at the Top of the Notch Restaurant between 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

View while hiking Mt. Baldy Trail

Lift Riders. The Sugar Pine Chair Lift is located at the very end of Mt. Baldy Rd (8401 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy, CA 91759) and is a 15 minute ride to the Top of the Notch Restaurant. The last lift ride for the Moonlight Hikes is 10 pm. Be sure to read the guidelines and rules prior to riding.

View while taking the Sugar Pine Chair Lift

Top of the Notch Restaurant

The destination of the Moonlight Hike is at the Top of the Notch Restaurant offering a hearty BBQ meal, plenty of craft beer (Rök House and Claremont Craft Ales), and spectacular views of the Angeles National Forest.

Each Moonlight Hike event features a different local band playing upbeat, lively music. Dancing is encouraged!

I recommend getting to the restaurant before sunset to take picturesque California sunset photos. There is plenty of seating outside and you’re surrounded by forest landscape, ambient stringed lights, and river rock architecture.

Advice Before You Go

  • There is plenty of parking in the lot which is directly below the lifts

  • Stop into the ticket office (near the lifts) to redeem your ticket.

  • Bring a sweater or items to stay warm after sunset

  • Bring a flashlight if you plan on hiking down in the dark

  • Don’t forget the last chair lift ride is 10:00 p.m.

  • Connect to their Wi-Fi when you get there (password is displayed on the bar)

  • Tag Mount Baldy Resort on social media @mtbaldyresort

  • There is no reserved seating at the Top of the Notch Restaurant

The Moonlight Hike is a can’t miss event. I’m very fortunate to have experienced it for myself so I can tell you all to put it on your list!

Direct your Moonlight Hike questions to the Mt. Baldy Resort Connect page and someone will get back to you.

Leave comments below to chat more about with me. I love to hear from you all!

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This is right up my alley. Definitely going to do one of the upcoming dates! ⛰🍻


Wow this is such a great mountain destination! Thank you for all the great info. I will have to try out this Mt Baldy Moonlight Hike with my hubby. He loves to hike and I just got inspired! 👍🌄😃

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