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The Treasury Of Claremont Music Concert Returns After a 4 Year Break

Just as the Claremont Heritage is founded on preserving the history of Claremont, the Treasury of Claremont Music preserves and celebrates Claremont's rich musical history. 

The Treasury of Claremont Music acts as a living document and repository of music information acting as a valuable resource to the public, schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, and more. Local musicians included in the repository include John York, Claudia Leannear, Claremont Orchestra, Lou Styles, Tom Flaherty, Chris Darrow, and more. It archives music culture and documents the bios, photos, and music of local musicians who’ve made significant waves and contributions to the music industry. 

This year, Claremont Heritage in partnership with Claremont Music Scene, are banding together to bring the Treasury of Claremont Music Summer Concert after a 4-year break! This much anticipated concert takes place on July 27, 2024 from 6:00 pm -8:30 pm at the historic Garner House on Indian Hill Blvd in Claremont.

During the concert, music legends will be honored for their contributions both to local community

and the music industry at large.

The honorees include:

  • Roy Durnal

  • Mick Rhodes

  • Justin Andres

  • Folk Music Center

  • David Lindley (in memoriam)

The evening will also feature live music Mick Rhodes & The Hard Eight (with friends!) and you'll enjoy appetizers, drinks, meet with the honorees, and more.

Tickets are available for purchase at $50 and limited VIP tickets are available at $100. VIP tickets include backstage VIP Pass, private meet & greet with artists, champagne, hors d'ouevres, and more!

For more information go to:

Follow these Instagram accounts to stay updated:

See you there and look forward to celebrating the rich music history that Claremont and the surrounding areas has produced and seeing artists (and institutions) receive recognition.

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