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Claremont Wine Bars All Wine Lovers Should Visit

Sometimes you just want to sink (or swim) into a nice glass of wine after a long work week. I know I do! I look forward to the days where I’m off on Friday at 4 p.m. and the early weekend adrenaline kicks in and I think to myself “the world is my oyster, where do I want to go tonight?”

Thankfully, there are some stellar wine bars in the Claremont Village where they’ll make a wine expert out of you by the end of the night. Here are some wine bars in Claremont that I recommend.

Packing House Wines

This wine shop/bar/restaurant is easily the top 5 reasons I go into the Claremont Village at all. It is a fully functioning wine shop with a carefully curated selection that never disappoints.

Sal is the owner of Packing House Wines, also a Sommelier and the Mayor of Claremont, and can tell you about every wine bottle in that shop, the vineyard it came from, and who their family is! In other words he, along with his capable staff, will gladly recommend wines that are preferable to your palate, budget, region, and varietal.

It’s a functioning restaurant too, so get some small bites or appetizers and stay while. They offer wine flights and also have a theme of the wines they are featuring every weekend.

My favorite was when they featured all wines from the Paso Robles region and when they featured syrah and shiraz from various countries. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Rosa to pour your wines and she will tell you what to expect in taste and aroma with every wine she pours.

Magnolia Bistro

If you want to venture outside of the Claremont Village but still stay in Claremont, head to Magnolia Wine & Lounge off Foothill Blvd and Claremont Blvd. They have an impressive selection of wine and, spoiler alert, the best charcuterie in the area.

They offer a curated selection of wine. I lean towards the bold 'punch you in the face' type reds so try a Caymus or Austin Hope. Their white wine selection doesn't disappoint either. They also serve local craft beer as well.

There is plenty of indoor seating (no outdoor seating available), and I typically choose the bar top or the lounge area with couch. Overall, the vibe is relaxed and charming with ambient lighting and attentive customer service.

This wine bar is under new ownership (family owned) and it's really evident how they put their heart and soul into making this a resident staple. They've partnered with Padua Pasta for their pasta dishes and their desserts are in partnership with Bert and Rocky's Ice Cream. They have also partnered with Claremont Music Scene to put on a Musician Showcase.

Reservations are highlight recommended.

Visit their website for the full food and wine menu.

Grafted Cellars

Grafted Cellars is the newest wine bar to grace the Claremont Village. Located on First Street and Harvard Avenue, Grafted Cellars offers a wide range of local wines that are sourced from sustainable and non-commercially farmed vineyards.

They offer indoor and outdoor seating, small plates, pizza, charcuterie, desserts, and a plethora of wine flights. They even have a cute bar top where you can chat it up with the 'winetender' (yes, I made that up!) and other folks sitting at the bar.

They have an awesome wine club membership! I am personally apart of it because it was too good to pass up.

Wine club members get a free bottle of wine every month, complementary wine tastings, discounts on food, and more.


There you have it. The 3 best wine bars in Claremont (in my opinion, of course). I have had many great conversations and fond memories at these wine bars and would love to hear yours too in the comments. If I left out any other great wine spots let’s hear about that, too.

Thanks for reading and tata for now!

Photography Credits: All photos were taken by the author of this blog.

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